Current News

2006_12_05 7:00pm EST: DVD's are finished, You can pick up your copy in the Structured Chaos E-Store. Here are some pictures of the DVD.

2006_11_15 6:00pm EST: Crunching along on the Video. All matches are basically edited, and are now being color corrected, are going through final renders, and being strung together. Case art, printing, and pressing, and some eye candy are the main things that remain after that and should only take a few days. Total running time on the DVD will be at about two hours. Release date is expected to be November 27th. You can see what one of the 36 primary matches will look like here. (Obviously lower res than the DVD for bandwidth reasons.)

2006_10_31 11:30pm EST: Trailer for the Crown Tourney was posted here. It is fast, exciting, fun. After reviewing our costs to manufacture the high quality DVD's, we can bring them to you for $18 plus shipping. A bonus pack of 3 DVD's of the raw footage can be included for $12. If you want to be the first on the list, send an email to and you will be emailed the moment they become available. The tentative completion date for the production is November 13th.

2006_10_23 10:30pm EDT: The Crown Tourney was on 10/21/06. The footage is currently in editing. A video file of the final match is posted here. Production of the DVD proper will begin with a tentative completion date of two weeks.