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Filming of the event has just finished and is currently in editing. The video of the final combat is available here. Also if you want to see a preview trailer of the DVD, go here. Please bookmark this page and come back frequently. The high quality DVD will be for sale here by November 27th. It will be $18 plus shipping, and an additional 3 disk set of the raw unedited footage can be included for an additional $12, please contact us at info@structuredchaos.org if you have any questions or want to pre-order your copies. Pre-ordering isn't a commitment, it just tells us how many DVD's to expect to make and lets us know to personally get in contact with you when we finished making them so that you can get your copy quicker.

The Crown Tourney is an event held in each kingdom of the SCA each spring and fall to determine the next king. For more information about the SCA visit www.sca.org or for more information on the Crown Tourney visit www.midrealm.org.